Acá los 15 mods mas chingones del Wii!

1. N64 Wii

N64 Wii

If you have a craze for the latest console but have a passion for the good old days then this Nintendo Wii in the guise of a N64 will be right up your street.


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2. Super Mario Brothers

Mario Brothers Wii

How cool is this? Now you can have Mario on your Wii as well as in it. I wonder, if you flick that question block do you get a 1-up? There’s only one way to find out.


3. Wii Weapon

Blood Wii

Do you love nothing more than blowing the heads off zombies until the early hours of the morning? Well, this gore inspired Wii may be for you. But please, if you want to replicate this then don’t use tomato ketchup. I find real blood gives the best effects.


4. Clerks

Clerks Wii

Silence! “Oh, fifteen bucks, little man, put that shit in my hand. Nong, nong, ning-a ning-a nong nong!”, lets face it there are a lot of them.


5. The Hulk

Hulk Wii

Nice little hulk mod, but what is the hulk doing with that stick? ;)


6. Super Metroid Prime 3

Super Metroid Wii

Kick back retro style to the fictional planet Zebes with this Super Metroid Prime mod.


7. Gold Wii

Gold Wii

Bling, Bling, ka-ching. Now this is brilliant to pimp up your room ghetto style. However, when you have finished please don’t send it off to one of those cash-4-gold scams, although they may offer you an old N64 in exchange.


8. Rockstar

Rockstar Wii

If your a fan of GTA and Bully then take your fandom one step further with a Rockstar inspired Wii.


9. Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy Wii

Enjoy Mario Galaxy that much more with this inspired console


10. Millennium Falcon

Millennium Falcon Wii

Millennium Falcon Wii, 2nd picture

This millennium falcon mod is my favourite out of the lot. I dread to think how much time and effort has gone into this one. Bless you, and may the force be with you.


11. Zelda

Zelda Wii

This Swarovski custom Legend of Zelda themed Wii is plated in 24 Karat Gold and dipped in Swarovski Crystals. On the off chance 50 Cent is reading this, this Wii isn’t for sale.


12. Star Wars

Star Wars Wii

Star Wars Wii - pic 2

This themed Wii will be great for any Star Wars fan. Just remember this won’t make you a Jedi.


13. Glow in the Dark

Glow in the Dark Wii

The blue glow adds to the mystery; use it in a dark room to feel the mesmerizing effect.


14. Chrome

Chrome Wii

How am I looking now? Looking good!……Wait!……How am I looking now? Still looking good. If your so vain and can’t last two seconds without checking out your look then this chrome plated Wii is for you. Just make sure no one catches you staring at your reflection.


15. A Poor Mans Wii

Poor Mans Wii

This is what you might get if you are on Santa’s naughty list.


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